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BeFree Inner Circle

Whether it’s personal or business, the fastest way to go from being stuck to unstoppable is by taking action.

But what happens when you're afraid to fail? 

What if fear is not the problem, but you can’t find the time, energy or money to make things happen? Maybe you procrastinate, or maybe you don’t know where to start? Or maybe you have great ideas, but you have no one to bounce them off of? You want more from life, but you don’t know how to get it.

The BeFree Inner Circle is an exclusive global online space designed to help women get unstuck by providing community, resources, and support that's guaranteed to help you show up for yourself like never before.

Membership Includes...

  • Accountability and Daily Check-ins 
  • Monthly Workshops
  • Live Coaching Calls 
  • Unlimited Resource Library
  • Bi-Monthly Book Club
  • Website and app access
  • Community Support from Positive Like-Minded Women 
  • Monthly feature with a licensed therapist 
  • And so much more!

FYI: Monthly membership will increase on February 15th. Join today and lock-in the current rate.

“ From changing my mindset and finding the tools needed to consistently grow and evolve. Siobhan's approach to finding what Being Free means to you and cultivating that is like none other.” ~Jeanette B.

Who belongs to this community?

Women frustrated with life as they know it and are ready for a change. They are looking for ways to escape their mundane life for a lifestyle that fulfills them.

Who doesn’t belong to this community?

We are exclusive to helping women and their needs, (sorry guys).

Why should you join?

Joining the BeFree Inner Circle is an action step you won’t regret, in cultivating the life you want. You will gain confidence, self-awareness, and the ability to take control of your life. Join the BeFree Inner Circle because it’s not just a community it’s a movement to freedom.

FYI: Monthly membership will increase on February 15th. Join today and lock-in the current rate.

"Every single time I connect with Siobhan — in conversation, through the Girl, Be Free podcast, or in her online haunts — I walk away with new insights and the tools I need to move forward in my life and work.” ~Emily L. 

"BeFree Project has helped me to push towards my goals and zero in on what I wanted to accomplish.  I feel so much further than I did two years ago when first connecting with Siobhan. The sense of community and being around like-minded women inspired me to do more.” ~Lynda M.

Meet Your Coach, Siobhan

My self-discovery journey started several years ago after a desired to want to live a life that felt good to me and not societies standards. With self-work and therapy, I learned how to cultivate a lifestyle that brought me joy and freedom. I also found my purpose in helping other women get unstuck from their fears and pursue a life they deserve.

I often get called the"BeFree lady," which tickles me. I provide women with ways to go from being stuck, gaining clarity to cultivate the life they want in order to be free. I've become the go-to girl for actionable steps, through coaching, podcast, and workbooks. I'm a firm believer that we as women need community and sisterhood. So, I created "BeFree Inner Circle," to bring like-minded women together to learn how to be free and LIVE.

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